New store build process

As some of you might know, I’m in the process of building my second store. I’ve been filming a video biography of the entire build process for my own personal files. Recently however, I came across the coolest site called youtube. I’m sure most of you have at least heard of it. Anyway, I decided that was a pretty good place to post the build process so I uploaded four videos taking you from the first construction phases to my latest vlog from yesterday.

If you’re curious and would like to take a look, here’s a link:

Yes, I narrate… and yes, I’m originally from Louisiana. So don’t make fun of my accent. Enjoy


Loved the videos. I might have missed it in the videos tho. Were is the storage going to be? Do you use a walkin cooler? Will all that be outside in a dif building?
I taged the videos for future viewing , when my wife and I get closer to our goal of our first. Let alone second store.

nice j-rock…U GO BOY!!!

Hello j rok,Wish you the best of luck brother.The place looks like a gr8 location,and your kids truly look like some dang hard workers which is unusual.

                           Niccdemo    [keep your head up and your dough off da cieling]

baughman writes:

Were is the storage going to be? Do you use a walkin cooler? Will all that be outside in a dif building?

Good question…

The building is just under 1500 square feet but it was designed as a Subway Restaurant, so the focus was on dining space because they simply didn’t need a large kitchen/storage area. My total kitchen square footage is only 385 square feet. That’s barely enough room for production, prep, and dishwashing. So, storage will be outside the back door exactly like my first store. We’re getting the same size storage shed (8x12) for dry goods, and an outdoor walk-in cooler (10x12) for perishables. So, when designing your store, make sure you have a kitchen at least 20 ft. wide and roughly 600 square feet for production/storage.


Atta boy j_r0kk ! Keep up the good work brother !

How long did you have your first unit up before you started the second ?

We had planned to begin searching for a second location after store 1 had been open for a year. Well, store 1 has been open for 10 months and is performing so poorly that store 2 is the furthest thing from our minds right now.


I opened the first store back in September last year. Sept. 1st was actually opening day.