New Store - Need pans, mixer and roller

We are looking at a 2nd location.

However, we are having trouble finding heavy-duty pans to make the pizza. We make “Italian bakery style” pizza and utilize pans that are quite robust to say the least. We are going to need more but are not sure where to get them. The pans we have now are pretty old, and have no markings that would let us see brand or thickness information.

The previous owner tried to get more pans at one time but apparently they were not as thick and buckled when taken out of a 525 degree oven and put on the cutting table. Any ideas are appreciated.

Also, we are looking to lease (or buy used) a dough mixer and roller. We currently have a Berkel 60qt mixer and and unknown brand heavy duty roller. We would appreciate advice on good suppliers and brands (and who to stay away from).

Thank you,

Try for your pans they are a good heavy pan. I have about 300 of their pans and will be getting more in the very near future.

Thank you, I will lokk them up…