New Store-Need some help!!!!

We have purchased a existing pizza restaurant that was closing- the previous owners purchased dough from a distributor. We are thinking about purchasing a mixer- would it be worth it? Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

what was the price per dough ball, why were they failing was it the product

we are paying 1.25 for a 1 lb. ball- product is good-but we are trying to cut costs

That sounds pretty high. We get our dough balls from a very good company. Product is top of the line. Cost is $10.50 for (14) 22 oz balls…about .75 per dough ball at 22 oz.

Only advantage of purchasing premade dough is convenience,

the cost of dough over a period of time, including the equipment and labor, will make the accountant in you want to make your own dough.
there are advantages in fresher, better product, among other advantages,
just takes a liitle more time and effort, I think it is well worth making your own dough

check w/ your food supplier they shou;d have source for frozen dough balls for a resonable price

Thanks for the info we will definately look into it!! :smiley:

just some food for thought, I spend aproximately $.01 per ounce by making my own dough. So .16 vs 1.25 = alot of $$$

  • labor + mixer + etc