new store sales to expect?

i will be opening soon and have a good idea of what i will make and then i see articles$350 sqft . then other ones 5%myth,i work 15hours a day but dont make any money. so what is it can someone just answer the question how it really is. and i dont mean i want to hear were all rich its great because we know that isn;t right either. my place will be 1600sqft ,with a huge market of people there is competion 3 independents but no delivery they been in business for 30 yrs. but people are tired and bored with them same style 30yrs no change.will be connected to a good friend who is the builder and owns the building. building being built.and he will have a sports bar next to mine and wants me to feed his place also and i can serve alcohol in my store.i currently own a business of 19 years and leaving for my dream job feeding people and enjoying the response of my food.(been catering and making pizza for 3 yrs)the business has nothing to do with pizza but if you asked me and this is a brutal business im in i would say you can make 80,000 small 250000 med. 1m large.simple an idea what you might make. so is itsafe to say if i open this place and do well i can gross in sales around 500k and be able to havea good living. and how do you figure in alcohol,sport events, nfl,nascar,mlb ect. since we will be connected i think this will bring in a huge crowd. thank you