New Store

I just opened a pizza restaurant in a small town in November. There is one other pizza chain in town and I believe our food is better. We had a soft opening in November and have settled in at about 16k a month in sales. While this has been good, I am now ready to go after more customers. We have done some doorhangers and some advertising with the local high school in town but thats about it. What Im asking is what I should do next. Is direct mail a good option for a small town or are their better ideas. This board is great and I look forward to the help…Mark

give us more of the picture of your town. You say small. . . . my town has 2500 to 2600 people. How 'bout yours? What town is it? Other competitors, local newspaper, any apartments in town, other schools like colleges, other potential customer centers like office buildings and industrial parks, etc.

Give us some more to imagine with, and I’ll bet you get more suggestions than you would ever imagine. … ight=#6294 … ight=#5750

One thing that I do is non addresed mail. I send out my menu about every 2 months but not the whole town at once (5000 addresses) I do about 600 addresses each week. I usually have them in the mailbox on Monday or tuesday. At that rate it takes me just about 8 weeks and then I start all over again. I dont do it all the time but I do a blitz about 3 times a year. I can tell it works as we always have higher deliveries to the are of town that we just mailed to. Unaddresed admail is also cheaper then a regular mailing and the ROR is pretty good. You may even want to just try mailing 500 one time to see what happens and if it works for you.