New! Sub-forums in the Think Tank

As you probably noticed, we have some new thread categories in the Think Tank. Discussions were getting pushed down at whirlwind speeds! So hopefully this will keep things nice and tidy around here. :slight_smile:

Give them a go and if you have some suggestions/comments/angry thoughts, please send them my way.

How is it determined what appears in the sub-forums?

You can just click on the one you want and begin a thread there.

I moved a couple of current threads into the sub-forums to show an idea of how it works. Of course, people can always just post in the general Think Tank as well.

I think you will find most of us will likely keep things the way the are. The topic specific forums seem to fizzle out very fast, as have most other sections that have been split away.

I enter TT using a bookmark direct to New Posts…So I would rarely see where a thread is located no matter how they were arranged…

@Daddio it’s a little different because it’s still WITHIN the Think Tank instead of a separate forum altogether. We’ll give it a go for a while and move the threads in them back to the general TT if it doesn’t work out. I just see posts go by so quickly I wonder if people can benefit more easily from going to more related subjects, yet still have all the general TT posts at quick reach.

I also thought it could be neat to let people review equipment or products here. A lot of questions people ask are about, should I buy X… what do you know about X product… Product Reviews would be in a separate tab like how Members and Shoutbox is now. What do you think?