new to delivery, so how many vehicles needed.....

I am starting to deliver in Quartzsite, AZ this October.

Town populatioin then is around 5,000 and I anticipate (?!) doing around 20 deliveries per day from 11AM til 7 PM, closing time.

In your experienced opinions, how many delivery vehicles will I need ?

Also, any comments on hired nonowned and own and hired will be appreciated.

BTW, I will be in Vegas for the Pizza Expo, at all the beer n bull sessions.


delivery vehicles are a BIG expense, they take a lot of abuse, you are constantly having to put money into maintenance and upkeep. Not to mention the insurance If I were you I would hire drivers and pay them 1 or 2 dollars per run for using their own car.

depends what your objectives are…like AD said you can have 0…we have 2 cars and keep the delivery charge ($1.50 per run) to finance the cost…I have found that are fully wrapped vehicles give us much more exposure, more professional, reliable, and easier to get drivers…you can write-off all the expenses and then use for your own vehicle to commute to work…only 20 deliveries per day can get away with 1 driver

Start with one driver.
You may need to find a second driver willing to work JUST THE RUSH, as you may get 15 of your 20 delivery orders between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.
And you don’t want to pay a driver to just sit around all day if there are NO deliveries for lunch, or in the afternoon, so plan to have the delivery person be a prep/cook/clean person during the daytime…

Why not just deliver in the trailer? It would be a heck of a sight to order a pizza and have the entire pizza shop deliver it.

But back to your question, I bet you could set up a rack to hold a scooter to the back of your trailer. Something alongthe lines of the honda cub[/url] or something like [url=]this would work fine and be cheap to cover and keep gassed up. Using bikes would also eliminate some of the parking headaches.

that would be a sight, pulling up in a 28 foot trailer being pulled by a 21 foot tow truck coming in your driveway !

So the Honda Cub, or even an electric car for here will do.
Just figuring out with the total cost of insurance and other costs, is it better in the long run to own or hire people who own,
maybe a combination will work better ?


I would buy 2 scooters or cubs. They are light and can easily be packed up in your trailer or stuck on rack attached to the back. That way you are completely mobile. Then if things get busy, hire more drivers who own their own car.

Having those scooters handy will be great though, as they really do stand out and are fun to drive.