New to Ownership

Currently I purchased a pizza restaurant with a partner. We’re opening another one hopefully next month.

I have 2 questions.

First, where do I find inexpensive delivery signs?

Second, sausage, raw or cooked for toppings on pizza, what are yourt ideas?

My history is running a Sbarros Pizza and Villa Pizza in the malls. All our meats are precooked. So I’m not used to dealing with a raw product. That’s why I have the sausage question.

I will probably have lots of questions about running the business, so bear with me.

Thanks for your time in advance.

I use cooked meat because it reduces the chances of cross contamination.

HTH has the best car signs in the business. Not necessarily cheap, but about the same as the rest. I believe the website is

I agree with Paul wholeheartedly. HTH is the place. Also, they have a bulk purchase plan set up where every time you order signs it gets noted on your account. Once you reach a milestone (like 10,20,50 I think) the price drops. So, if you order 9 signs this month, and 11 signs a year from now, those 11 will have the 20 sign milestone discount.

As far as the meats, I go through a supplier (USFoods or Sysco) and order pre-cooked. Mainly, like Daddio said, you almost wipe out the risk of cross-contamination of your foods, but also because the shelf-life is longer. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

I also use Sysco and others for my products. My partner is bent on having the fresh sausage for the pizzas otherwise its not a giuseppe pizza. Taste is alot of it, but I also don’t want the contamination. We use fresh fontanini sausage. Is there a cooked version?

Thanks for the help on the signs, I’ll look into them more in depth.

We used fresh for 20 yrs and switched for contamination reasons also. I think Bonici is a much better cooked product that Fontanini

I believe that Fontanini has cooked versions of any sausage the offer in raw form. Ask your supplier to bring in a Fontanini rep with some samples. Fontanini will go way above and beyond whats necessary to find a product that will work for you.

I stick with pre-cooked as well, it is just so much safer and it is pretty nice to have one less thing to give you a headache!