New to the business

I have been working on a business plan for a pizza restraunt. I am completely new to the industry, and therefore spending a lot of time reseaching.
In putting togher my plan I need to put togher cost projections, having never worked in this industry, I dont know were to begin. How many pizzas does the avg restraunt sell a night ? what is the low and high ?
any help would be greatly appreciated

That’s a very vague question.
You may want to research some more.
Try the national restaurant association website. It has some industry averages and other resources for new entrepenuers

Are you a sit down full service place, counter service, delco, or somewhere in between? Are you managing or are you hiring one? How many square feet, are you building or leasing? Tons of questions!

In my opinion If you have never worked in this industry the first thing you need to do is learn the business. is not that easy. get a part time job at a pizza place while you do the planning, learn how things work before you start working on a business plan. check out the encyclo pizza you can learn a lot in there also here on the PMQ site you can learn a ton.