New vs Used Equipment

I am wondering what experiences you all have with used equipment. I’ve heard you should never buy used refrigeration equipment or used fryers. I’m wondering what items you all have found to be safe to buy used and what you have found should be new. I’m trying to put together my equipment budget.

I have been successful with used equipment

30# Imperial gas fryer that was with the business when I bought it
49 cu ft glass door merchandiser TRUE
2 door victory cooler (probably 48 cu ft)
2 door sandwich table by TRUE
Blodgett 981 oven
Bakers Pride 602 gas ovens
14" wide table top electric conveyor oven CTX
several smaller refrigerated items: a bottle soda merchadiser, 2 door cooler with work top, 21 cu ft freezer, three cuisinart processors, computers (refurbs).

Gotta be real careful about buying used freezers. I don’t recommend that gamble from my experience . . . I’ve bought two that didn’t work and one that did.

I have 2 used beverage coolers, a used 2 door reach in freezer, a used walk in cooler, a used hobart 60 qt mixer, and a used dough roller. We had them all inspected by a tech after we took procession of everything and they are all working great for the last 6 months with no problems (KNOCK ON WOOD).

We have:
1- used 60qt Hobart Mixer
1- used “Acme” dough roller
1- used 7 foot pizza table
1- used 16 chicken (3 phase) rotisserie oven
1- used 6x5 walk-in
1- used prep table/ uder counter 2 door fridge


We only bought our triple stack pizza oven, salad table, giant stick mixer, 6 burner range / convection oven brand new.

So far after about 6 months all is working great but the dough roller, a screw 9spare parts i guess) got caught up in the chain drive and jammed it.

Hi Bewatkin:

Our experience with used refrigeration has been very bad. We had refrigeration technicians on staff that went over every unit we sold. Unfortunately compressors are hermetically sealed in a metal can and there is no way to open them and inspect the innards of the compressor, which is the hart of the system.

Almost every used unit we sold failed within a year, some sooner, some later, few gave th buyer the service they expected.

Many buyers lost more in spoiled food product than they saved buying used. We do not now sell used refrigeration. I think most equipment dealers are of this same opinion.

Hobart mixers if reconditioned by a competent technician are about as good as new. Most dough rollers can be sucessfully reconditioned.

Fryers are not a highly expensive item I recommend new, as the pot can look great but spring a leak
after a few months use.

Ovens: Most used conveyor ovens are of older technology and if not rebuilt with the latest energy saving burners modulating gas valves better electronics and fresh wiring, I would urge you not to consider them.

You should have a service man you trust inspect any used oven you may consider to determine if those improvements have been made.

If you buy an oven that has not been up graded as above you will usually be paying 30% more for gas and 40% more for electricity for the conveyor and blowers. The result, you will have shortly spent what you would have paid for a modern unit and still be paying higher operating costs as long as you run your used unit.

Properly rebuilt Conveyor ovens are almost as costly as new and you do not get the 5 year warranty that is available on some new ovens.

Hoods: The code for hoods has changed dramatically in the last few years. Hoods that do not carry a UL or ETL certification of the amount of exhaust air required, usually will be required to exhaust up to double the CFM of air.

Every bit of air exhausted is required to be brought back in to the building. Most certified hoods are designed to bring a large portion of that (MAKE UP AIR) back through the hood and exhaust that air internally through the hood it self with out the air entering the room. As any air that enters the room must be warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer, there are savings of many thousands of dollars when a properly designed hood and ventilation system is used.

George Mills