New way to pump up food cost.

We found a new way to waste some food this weekend, I thought I would warn you guys since I was amazed by this. We came in to open and the prep table was warm, close to room temp. To make matters worse the crew closing up actually stocked everything up like they were supposed to at closing.
The unit was plugged in and running, but someone had placed a bag of cheese near the inlet to the fan that circulates air in the cooler. The fan sucked the bag up to the inlet screen and poof, no airflow. We have always stored our cheese on that shelf and in 7 years this has never happened but we normally don’t put stuff against the cooler wall since the thermostat is there. We moved the bag and the cooler pulled right down to 38F just like it was new. I tossed out about 50 pounds of meat that was at 65-70F and said several things that would not get past the filters on this site.
So look at your prep table and make sure your not gonna do this.


I never use my prep tables for storing food in overnight primarily as if it does go down during the night it doesn’t ‘hold temperature’. At least in an insulated walk-in the temperature will stay at an acceptable level for a fair few hours thus giving you a fighting chance when you come in the morning.