new web site

what do you think of my new web site

Looks Good! Simple and easy to read. I will take a stromboli and…

Nice and easy. Like it. What I question is the $10.99 large. I see your in the 1000 islands. I would imagine you can do better than that. Is there a reason I am wondering?


I think its a great looking site. Nice clean professional look. I think a lot of people should take notice of your site of what you can do on a budget.

Very cheap pricing . . .

Very nice page, but, I agree your 16" should be way more.

My Suggestions:

Include a veggie selection (traditional red sauce) in the “Specialty Pizzas” section. Pick an appropriate name, such as “Veggie.”

Give more details under the “Calzones” and “Stromboli” sections.
Are they made with tomato sauce inside?
Do they have any cheeses not normally on pizza, such as Ricotta?
Do they include any sauces on the side?

What does the Antipasta include?

“We accept cash, checks, VISA, Mastercard”
How about “We accept cash, approved checks, VISA, Mastercard”

Under your “Hours:” section, it appears that you’re a seasonal business, only open May 15 - September 15. If that is the case, then it’s no problem.

However, if you’re open more than May 15 - September 15, then you should change the “Hours” section to have your calendar dates, May 15 - September 15, above the line that reads, “Monday - Thursday.” You could also add something before the dates, for instance, “for” or “during ” or something else.
“For May 15 - September 15"
“During May 15 - September 15"

At any rate, unless you’re seasonal only, the dates should precede the hours.

There are no directions or map to your place. You could use this for door hanging, handing out, motels, and otherwise attracting new business, but you should give potential customers a way to find you for carry out or to get an idea where you are in relation to them for delivery.

Overall, your menu is very straightforward, with no descriptions, just ingredients listed. In other words, it doesn’t sell the potential customers or reinforce the present customers. You might consider doing a little selling about the quality, deliciousness, authenticity or other attributes about your products or business. If you sponsor a sports team or do something positive in the community, you could play it up.

Even just adding a statement below “Mariano’s PIZZA” might help. How about “The Best In Town” or “Authentic Italian” or “Your Hometown Pizza Experts.” Of course, it doesn’t need to go directly below “Mariano’s PIZZA,” but somewhere on the page would be good.


Don’t get the wrong idea. I actually like it very much. I just think you could do more to help yourself.