new years day

should we be open on the 1st ??? what your guys experince

Oh yes please! Share, I would love to know as well!

Large enough market + hangovers + Bowl Games = reason to be open

We don’t deliver during the day, so I’m considering just opening up at 3 and bringing in my driver a few hours early… we normally start delivery at 5pm. I’m just not sure yet. Anyone else not deliver during the day? What is everyone else doing?

We will be open. One of our busiest days.

We are open holiday hours (2-10) It is pretty busy starting at about 3pm till about 9

Busy day for us. Day shift is often the best of the year. If you are not normally open for delivery during the day, I would suggest taking a chance. Bring in a driver at noon anyway. If it does not happen, pay them as a cook and get some prep done but with the games on TV you may find it worth being able to deliver.

So I should open on new years day???

it is would be real slow during the day, so we usually open up at 4 new years day.