New Year's Eve @ Sunday this year.

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:

i’m thinking about what will happen on New Years Eve this Year.

For us it is the first time on Sunday. Last time it was 2006 this way.

New years eve usually at us is pretty smooth. Medium Sales but in big orders so we operate it with very small crew an closing pretty early ap 9 p.m.

But Sunday is different. It is way the strongest day in the week. I thinking whole time… will we loose these Sales or will the day be stronger than usual?

I hope someone remembers :slight_smile:

In our area the Holiday always overrides the day of the week. New Years Eve will be around the same sales as NYE the previous year regardless of the day it lands on. We like it when a busy holiday lands on a typically slow day. Like Halloween did this year. NYE is about 20% busier than a Sunday so that’s what we will plan on for the day. New Years Day is pretty solid day and it will land on a Monday. We will do double a normal Monday.

Same for us. Holiday overrides day of week.

I love it when NYE falls on a Sunday. I get a huge Friday, huge Saturday and then a huge Sunday followed by New Year’s day which is good for all the bowl games etc and falling on a Monday will blow away what we would do on a Monday otherwise.