New Years Eve

I am trying to boost sales on New Years Eve by giving away an iPod. Every customer who’s order is over $20.00 will be entered to win an iPod Nano 2GB. My average orders normally $17.50. Is a $20 min. to be entered to high? The iPod costs $150. Any suggestions for something like this? And if you have done something like this how did it affect your sales? Is it worth doing? Also, this is our 1st New Years is it worth staying open until 2am?

The time you open until depends a lot on your area.

For our first NYE, we were staffed like you wouldn’t believe and planned on being open until 1:00am; we usually close at 9:00pm.

Our area is MOSTLY young families though. Median age is 31 and the average house has 2.8 children. It’s a very family oriented community. Guess what? Those people aren’t really out partying on NYE. We closed up early, and just an average night. You would’ve never known it was NYE.

Take a look at your demographics and think about whether or not you have the type of people that will be ordering on NYE or asleep at 9:00pm.

You guys need to take it easy and spend new years eve with your family. 8 pm or 9 is a good time to shut down. remember new years eve is chinese food night. pizza shops are mostly slow that night. thats just my take on that night.

Go to your local electronic store that sells iPods and ask for cost or less on the iPod and say on your ads that is is supplied by them.
I got one at cost -20%.

You might want to check to see if it is legal to require a minimum purchase to enter your raffle.