New Years Eve ?????

hey you guys who close on sundays

are you going to open up for new years eve or are you going to stay closed

We are open normal hours on Sunday until 11pm.

We are open normal hours on Monday 11am to 11pm.

I was torn between closing at normal time and staying open until 1am on Sunday.
I’m certain that we’d get some orders between the 12am-1am hour but it wouldn’t be worth it if one of our drivers got into an accident or fight with someone that’s been drinking too much.

Sunday for me is usually a decent delivery night - a little earlier but a little stronger than a weekday. We typically close at 10 PM.
For NYE, we’re puttin on party hats and staying open late - probably til about 1 AM. Woo Hoo.
Closed New Years Day.

don’t have delivery but am closing at midnight instead of 10 pm for New years.

We are closed every Sunday & most holidays and as such will be closed Sunday & Monday just like we did this past week. I figure it will be another 7 yrs before this happens again so I will definitely enjoy it.

what about the football games won’t you miss out on alot of sales

sure you miss out on sales, but that is what works for us (I mean you can stay open for the drunks too if sales was all that mattered) We have managed to do better in 6 days what we used to do in 7, so I consider it a Free day off instead of lost sales