New York Style Pizza dough recipe for 12 qt Mixer

I am hoping someone might have a good recipe to use with a 12 qt mixer.


there are some good recipes at PMQ home under recipe bank for doughs
given in Baker’s % so any size you need,
about the most you could go in a 12 qt. planetary mixer is about 10 pounds of flour, plus the other ingredients

try 3 qts water
3 oz compressed yeast
1/2 cup salt
10.5 lbs hi gluten

put ingredients in mixer beat slow for 5-10 minutes

turn speed up and mix an additional 5-10
this is half of my recipe and adjustments may be needed to obtain desired
stiffness. I have a firm but not hard dough
This will yield about 18 large pizzas

10 lbs of flour will burn that mixer up.

Please refer to the RECIPE BANK and take a look at the formula that I have posted in there for a New York style pizza dough. If you are planning to use a deck oven do not use any sugar in the dough formula. If you are using any other type of oven you may need yto include 2% sugar in the dough formula.
For a 12-quart capacity mixer you should use only 2.5 pounds of total flour in the dough. This is equal to 40-ounces. So you will need to use a calculator to figure the ingredient amounts as follows:
40 (flour weight in ounces) X ingredient percent then press the “%” key and read the weight of ingredient in the display window.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

2.5 pounds flour in 12 quart mixer

2.5 pounds is probably about right for the longevity of the mixer.
Going to the max, I have been putting 8 pounds of flour in a Berkel(made by Thunderbird) mixer that is 10 qts. It’s a strain on the mixer and I am sure the continued practice will affect the mixer.

I am getting a “Fleetwood” barrel mixer, 55 pound maximum, 13 pound minimum flour capacity. Should be delivered tomorrow. I could not find much information on it, pro or con, so I bought one to see for myself.
The main appeal to me is that it weighs 192 pounds and weight is a consideration on the trailer.
Will let you know how it goes, if interested.

PS Tom, how come you have been signed in as “Guest” lately ?