new york style pizza on conveyor

Can you sell new york style pizza on conveyor? Will it taste the same, will the quality still be there? If so can you compete with the competitors.

Duplicate post to your other question… this topic is covered a lot here. How about spending some time looking at old threads before starting a well covered topic over again… twice.

No you cannot you need to cook it on the stones…

[quote=“Tom Lehmann”]
Combine one of the new generation, high efficiency air impingement ovens with the Lloyd Hearth Bake Disk, and a sugar free dough formula and you have the recipe for a great New York style pizza baked in an air impingement oven.

Tom knows pizza. No question.The above and many other statements Tom has made are to the effect that any pizza can be baked to perfection in all the top grade air impingement conveyor ovens.

I agree

George Mills

You need to cook in a traditional brick hearth deck oven. Period. Can you make a good NY Style Pizza on the Hearth Bake Discs? Yes. Will they provide the NY “Blisters”? Yes. Are the blisters evenly dispursed? Yes. In all honesty, I think the Hearth Bake discs were improperly designed. Tom spaced the blister holes evenly throughout the disc and the bottom of the crust shows blisters that are so evenly displaced that they are are as recognisable to a NY Pizza eater as the screen grid on your typical conveyor pizza. Tom should have placed the blister holes at random and randomized the size of each but he didn’t. As such it is easily seen as being another screen/pan/disc product.

All the baking tech aside… The reality is this… If you want to claim to be a NY Style pizzaria, you are expected to provide some hand-tossed showmanship and they better see that pizza going from the peel to a hearth in a deck oven. If you open a NY Style Pizzaria and your customers see a conveyor oven back there forget it. They dont’ want to hear about dics and impingment conveyor technology and how it is “just like NY Style pizza”. You’ll never ever convince them. Don’t make a fatal mistake and put NY STyle pizza on your sign with a conveyor oven inside. In my opinion, you will fail. Nuf Said.

first time poster so it MUST be true. thanks for the words of wisdom!!!

In answer to your questions:

Can you sell new york style pizza on conveyor? - no you’ll need a box or slice holder or something else
Will it taste the same - as what??
will the quality still be there? of course it will
If so can you compete with the competitors - never compete with competitors - always compete with non-competitors its much easier - nearly as easy as posting a question without doing any back ground research!..