"New York" Style Pizza Sauce

I need help making a “New York” style pizza sauce. I currently make a hand tossed pizza with a much thicker sauce and completely different in taste. I am looking for that light thin sauce with great flavor. Thanks for your help.

below is the basis of the NY style pizza made at the show by Evelyne Slomon

meantime, the main things I remeber was dough w/o oil or sugar, just flour, water, salt, and yeast,
topped with fresh garlic, grated Ramono cheese, fresh mozzerella, crushed tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese, and oregano, in that order.
Evelyn makes her own mozzerella and has a wood burning brick oven…
yummy, let’s go there and get one !

I believe the flour was General Mills Sperry Organic Bread Flour

the “sauce” was Escalon 6 in 1 peeled tomatoes

hope that helps