Newbie needs advice

I recently bought a pizza place and things are not going spectacular at the moment. Our sales Monday thru Wed are less then 200 a day . On Thursday thru Saturday things start to pick up but I am dipping into my savings and Im starting to panic .

So what am I doing , I just revamped the menu ( the big ones /tri fold with coupons) I also bought 10 thousand flyers full color flyers . I may be over reacting since we just started getting them out .

I am considering opening after 3 to cut down on labor cost

I would love some feedback on direct mail or maybe some guerrilla marketing ideas to help boost sales

If you haven’t mailed the fliers yet, do them as door hangers. Do a good chunk of them yourself, and you may end up making some personal connection with people who will come to your place just because you took a minute to say hello.

Been there. Depending on what your area is, have you tried doing something different for lunch? Buffet, with salad, or slices? 6" pies, basics of pepperoni, cheese, and combo hot and ready? If you are in a business area, those can be big draws, because people often have limited lunch time.

If you want to attract a dinner crowd, and are in an area where this is appropriate–a beer list with more than Miller/Bud/Coors can bring a whole different clientele to you. Parents who enjoy a good beer but aren’t going to get drunk, and want their kids to eat well at the same time.

It may not be possible, but have you thought of working by yourself for lunch? Tues- Thurs, I am the only one here until 4:00pm. If I have a delivery, I route the calls to my cell and place a “Back in 10 minutes” sign on the door.

I would try to raise sales first, but if you are really hurting with labor, this could be a better option than closing altogether.

great advice , I actually tossed that around just doing the deliveries myself mon thru wed . its a DELCO and we are next to a bus stop so we do get some walk in traffic . I would hate to lose that business although small it does add up at the end of the day

I saw an idea on here a while ago about delivering Large Pizzas to local businesses with your menu included. Might be worth a shot.