newsletters wanted

Hello All -
I am having some inspirational/motivational problems and - assuming you are okay with the possibility of me being a blatant copy cat - I’d love to start receiving copies of email newsletters y’all send out (either print or email).

We’ve been doing newsletters for six years now, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on this current one.

I’d really appreciate the opportunity to see what you guys are doing and (I hope) get some inspiration from you.

Send email subscriptions to and snail mail to POB 638, Grantville GA 30220.

I am also spying on many of you on Facebook and Twitter…but just in case I have not found you there yet, if you’re doing anything interesting there will you please drop me an invite to connect? …Since we are in the boonies, you know you don’t have to worry about us scarfing your business away!


Kim Sasso
aka Nick’s Wife

Our website is
You can sign up for our Members Only newsletter and become a Fan on our Facebook page too :slight_smile:

Since i am in the path of the snow storm hitting the Northeast right now I did a contest on facebook. I asked my fans to guess how many inches of snow we will get.