i wont to try to do some advertiseing in the local newspaper . i have never used them before . What works best for you guys ? inserts ?..need help please . dont wanna just throw my money away … thanks :smiley:

The response on newspaper ads is pretty low, and makes the ROI negative. They are hard to do right and hard to track. If you want to set up a newspaper ad marketing plan, it takes work to prepare and a long term horizon. Taking up the same spot on the same page again and again, as repetition is the key to making these ads work. If a 6 inch ad costs $50, you need to generate $500 in sales to hit 10% marketing costs. One ad will rarely do that on a first (second, third,…) run of the ad.

This is one of my favorite quotes and sums it up the best.

“The reader of a newspaper does not see the first mention of an ordinary advertisement; the second, he sees, but does not read; the third, he reads; the fourth, he looks at the price; the fifth, he speaks of it to his wife; the sixth, he is ready to purchase, and the seventh, he purchases.”

Inserts are cheaper and more effective. My response rates with inserts is about 2.5% return. For every 1000 inserts, it cost $30 for the advertising and insertion, and that generated about 25 orders for about $650 in sales, hitting my 5% marketing cost goal nicely.

ps - your web site plays music when you open it. That was kind of a neat thing in the 1990’s, but not so much any more.

See if your local library has a copy of the Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads…A few years old but still quite relevant…

As far as PizzaMancers comments about trying to hit a certain marketing budget…Marketing should not have a budget so long as your investments are improving your bottom line…In very competitive markets you may have to out spend and out market your competition to have the best bottom line…

Wizard of ads is a good book:

People who begin their questions with "Would it work if … " are always the easiest ones for me to answer, because my answer never changes: “Yes, it might ‘work’ if you did that -but would it be the highest and best use of your money?”

The next question is all too predictable: “Well, then, what would be the highest and best use of the money?” And again, my answer never changes, but it’s not because I’m trying to dodge the question or want to play silly games. The only honest way to answer this question is to ask the questioner, “How do you plan to measure success?”

Royster has a good point. If you have to spend $9 to make $10, that is worth it, but is it the best use of your money? Probably not.

Hey twodads… just a comment/question. The pics of the pizza on the page margins and menu page look great. Food looks good and of quality…but the main pizza pic up top looks… well I almost want to say the crust looks “wood-grainy!” I think that is a stock photo and not your finished product???

I think that is the cutting board…

LOL! I feel stupid right now… after looking back! :roll: Then at least I was right about the wood-grain look! :!:

If you have pizza guys who don’t understand whats going on with your web site, it might be time for a revision.

thanks very much to all of u