NFL Draft Parties

Okay So, I Guess NFL Draft is a big deal. We have been slamed all day. We have had 5 large orders $90 plus. I will remember this for next year. It is also city wide garage sale weekend! It has been crazy!

Does your city have an NFL team?

nfl draft parties?

are you freakin’ serious???

who gives a rip when brady quinn is drafted…

either way, you can MAKE IT a big deal. If you are in an NFL city or nearby enough that there is a following . . . you can make a big deal about specials and such for the maniacs who love to watch the clock tick. We are very near Atlanta, and I may try some stuff next year.

I’m going to push a fantasy NFL league this year at my place. I’ve played in one the last couple of years, and have a strong enough handle now that I think I can promote something for my shop with it.

Im not in a NFL city, but I’m in Wisconsin. Whole state is nuts about sports. I thought people were joking when they said they were having a party to what the draft. Two of my employees asked for the night off so they could watch it. I quess it has become popular becuase of the fantasy leagues.

I’m oringinally from Kenosha, and follow Wisconsin sports still after 35 years in Georgia. REALLY . . . . with Favre talking about retiring and so much press about the Packers, the draft takes on extra importance to the Packer Backers this year and next. It would be a potential landslide to to try draw in the Packer fans to stuff like the draft and Favre’s last games when he announces retirement.

Milwaukee Brewers are finally playing good baseball after a LOOONG time be mediocre to bad, so it could be another boon to your marketing plan. I’m not saying that you have to have televisions, but a Brewers Special for nights when the BrewCrew wins a game, or hits a home runm or something. The possibilities are pretty wide open.

Around these parts, NASCAR is pretty big. We are brainstorming how to sneak into the households gathering people to watch the race. I believe we’ll have a few party packs put together this spring/summer and will be marketing to the pool party and sports gathering crowds.