Anyone here know the specifics of NFPA 13 and how it relates to the placement/installation of sprinkler heads with regard to standard conveyor ovens (MM360, XLT, etc) ?

Specifically, does anyone know where it states (or implies) that extinguisher heads must be placed directed into the oven cavity at each end of the conveyor?

Any experiences or comments on this would be appreciated. I’ll give more detail later…

In FL, the county makes the regs - for instance in Orange County, we had 1 store that had the Ansel spray noz in the oven…

just 30 minutes away, in Seminole county, we just have the tradtional ansel over the MM 360…

In Orange again, my CTX electric oven didn’t need any ansel system…

go figure…

I think that most local fire codes are based on the NFPA, then modified accordingly. I know our state code references the NFPA and then lists the state modifications.

Supposedly this is the section that cover nozzle placement, and it changed in 2006 requiring the placement of nozzles to direct into the oven cavity. One of our stores just had a fire inspection and this is being listed as a violation that needs to be corrected. It’s expensive to change, not to mention its a PITA to have those nozzles taking up room at the entrance and exit - things get snagged on them, etc.

It just makes absolutely no sense to me. Inside the oven must be THE SAFEST PLACE for there to be a fire!

I’m still interested in seeing the rules in writing.

Hi Guest::

We have placed thousands of conveyor ovens nation wide without fire protection.

There may have been a fire in a conveyor oven some place sometime but if so I am not aware of it.

I do not at this time have the latest national building code but in the past pizza ovens were classified as non grease producing. Pizza ovens could use class one or two hoods and were not required to have fire suppression systems.

We still are shipping hood systems without fire suppression systems.

All that being said, your local fire marshal can require you to install a fire suppression system and specify how it is to be installed. Any local jurisdiction can establish more stringent regulations than those required by national or state codes.This is occurring because so many pizza ovens are now being used to cook ribs, wings and other grease producing items.

I recommend you do not fight the fire suppression rules. I know of no one who has beat the locals on this subject.

But to answer your question. I did check further and apparently if a fire system is required the rules require the spray heads to be placed at the intake and exit of the conveyor.

George Mills