NG Deck Oven wish list

Hey all, new to this board.

10 years ago, I worked in a vegetarian creative flatbread kitchen in Harvard Square, Cambridge. My boss, and now close friend, used to get PMQ magazine. I thought it was so bizarre, a magazine that’s just about Pizza? How incredibly strange. (I now understand)

Flash forward to now, and I have helped open 4 successful restaurants, and have a 3 year old burger business myself that is currently doing fantastic numbers.

But my brain for years keeps going back to pizza. The last year has been extreme experimentation with dough, and recently we’ve found a space that will, in 6-8 months, house our new pizza joint.

In Rochester NY, the local spots have a very thick, very chewy crust, with medium thickness for the rest of the dough. My 500 or so demo doughs have brought me to my preferred style, which is somewhere in the middle of a NY slice and this Rochester style.

I am now scouring for info re: ovens.

We plan on doing 100-150 pies a day tops, and are considering a dual deck. Any reason why we should shoot for 2 singles over a dual? If one were to go down, we’d have another at the ready?

In my home oven, I’m using a steel, oven maxed to 550 for a 30 min preheat, and doing 5 minutes on full, 2-3 minutes on Broil. Getting very solid results. Wondering what system will best recreate that in a commercial oven.

If anyone has any recommendations, I’d be so thankful. Thin/medium crust, looking for a decent char on bottom/outsides, blistering on top. Are Marsal/Bakers Pride truly the best options? I’m out of my element here, and looking for as much advice as possible.

Thanks a ton,

Big Skinny

That’s not very high pizza production. 200 per hour is the minimum we equip shops to do and many even increase that.

George Mills

Marsal has a test kitchen in NY you can use.

I’m not sure how this helps. We aren’t planning on opening a pizza factory, just a humble shop that tries to sell quality food. I can’t think of any pizza shops in a 200 mile radius of where I am that would produce that type of volume, consistently, on an hourly basis.

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i like PM,Morretti Forni, cupponne for neo new york, at 720f it comes out with nice leoparding just you would get it from wood fired oven.
i am looking at electric deck marsal which goes upto i think 800f. depending on what sort of pizza you want. if you are building pizza around dough then pick the one compliment dough the most.