Wow Dave has hit the big time. His very own forum.

It’s easy to find too…it’s “down under” the Think Tank. :lol:
Gee…Daddio, I thought you’d be in here advocating for a PMQ Canada forum.


We are hoping that we can interest our PMQ Australia friends in the great online community here. The plan is to redo the website as well.


Why do I get the feeling that PMQ IOWA is a bust? :frowning:

Wow. I may yet get to use my “Nick’s Sydney” logo. Stylish.

Now all you guys in the US need to forward your credit card details to me so you can post on this classy forum.
There will a levy of 2 beers and a steak to enter this site for the first time.



:o Boy am I ever glad I am in Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only hope it becomes as successful and patronised as good as the US Think Tank.
I originally came to the US forum after the old one in Australia ceased about 5 years ago. Hoping the past apathy that caused the closure doesn’t raise it’s head this time around. The Australian market could well do with cross information sharing to take it from a “sleepy” industry to one which can grow and prosper with more professionalism so it combat intrusion from other food outside of the house competitors.
Also it will be great to have the website updated as the current one either doesn’t open, is blocked or is hopelessly out of date. Sometimes it would be nice to go to the site and read up on past issues, market trends etc as with the US site.
Thanks for thinking of us down under.


My wife prefers to make such payments via electronic transfer and who am I to argue. Please PM me your full name, name and address of your bank, routing number, account number and for good measure any passwords and user ID associated with the account. Upon reciept of this information we will promptly process the desired payment. :smiley:

So now I know where all those unsolicited emails requesting this information comes from. Didn’t know you live in Nigeria :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello all

Sorry for the delay in getting myself on here, but as they say, better late than never. I want to Thank Mike for getting the Aussie Think Tank set up for us, now all we have to do is get as many Aussies posting as the Yanks do.

For all the Aussie PMQ readers, I want to let you know we are wrapping up the PMQ Pizza Australia April/May issue. In the issue we will be covering two really good topics…Planning for a Crisis (such as cyclones/typhoons) and a POS System Update that will cover some of the new things with POS that have emerged in the past couple of years.

In the meantime, if there is anything I can do for you or something you would like to see in the Aussie issue, just shoot me an email at or you can ring me on the freecall line at 1800 008 487.

Tom Boyles, publisher/editor/janitor/grounds keeper/secretary
PMQ’s Pizza Australia magazine

Me too , Im glad Im in Europe !!