Nick n Willys question please ADVISE!!!

Hi everyone, my first post here so please bare with me… I have located a nick n willys franchise for sale in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The price is right 8) and I have always wanted to invest in a frnachise. I wanted to get all your expert opinions on what you all think about this pizza concept . :?:

Your input and advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Everything I’ve heard about this company is positive. Even from the owners of a regional take and bake chain based in the midwest. I often wonder why franchises come up for sale though. It seems that the systems should be in place and the advertising co-ops strong enough for them to be able to be run absentee.

Scott, that is exactly why I am confused about the sale of the business… it just seems like either the current owner completely ignored the corporate marketing advice or the site selection was extremely poor…