What’s the latest and the greatest with the store?


Ya Nick…You spin the this wild saga over 7 or 8 months and then go black like the Sopranos…Hope all is well…RCS…

It appears that running a pizzeria takes a lot of time and energy. Who would have thought? One week in business, and we had to take last Saturday off. My friend and cook got married, and I catered his wedding. I did it for cost, and put the money right into the business to pay for the food. No pizza, just chicken, pork tenderloin, and trimmings.

Back to pizza. We are living large revelling in the glory of owning a pizzeria. Sure, we worked harder than we were ready for, had ordering irregularities, equipment not where it will work best, and bills piling up waiting for more money. We love it. Even closed Saturday night, we did a weekly total higher than last year’s average . . . add in just the cost of food payment from the wedding, and it was our THIRD HIGHEST gross sales week to date. It really felt smooth all in all. Pizzas were moving nicely, though we need to rearrange the slap and cut tables.

Can’t wait to see what happens when we start marketing campaign this week :shock: Our newlywed is out all week, and it could get a bit on the overwhelming side. Might need to hire someone else, but I know the honeymoon (real and figurative) will be over, and sales will settle a little lower again. Just in time for us to get a handle on finishing the building.

Tribulations still pop up on occasion. Warewasher still not installed. Guy spent 3 hours out of my life at the shop (we are not open during the day, and I had to sit there with him), and installed only three chemicals dispensers, the machine chemicals and a power cord on the machine. It is a lease deal through my foodservice contractor. It was just afrustrating, confusing day. I asked after 2.5 hours how much longer, and he said, “Oh, about another hour if they will quite calling me.” I replied that three hours is all I had, and that he had spent almost no time working on my shop. I had other work to do, and NO I would not let him lock up my shop.

The looming spectere is the rest of the construction needing to be done. I’m taking one more week off to stabilize the building, then planning the finishing of dining room, the bathroom complex and alley floor so we can really open foor dine in. We want to be able to do a Grand Opening pcelebration in end of July, so my work is quite cut out for me to get enough work done and $$$ scraped back together to get the bathrooms done.

There is no feeling in the world like paying bills. Oh, maybe getting incredible eBay deals on prep equipment comes close. Delfield Ss Two Door Work Top Prep Cooler w/ OverShelf for $88 ($257 delivered) is just enough to make me sing. It may have some cosmetic imperfections, but it works for me. They say it cools nicely. Even if I have to put a new compressor in within the year, it is worth it to me. I gotta find another deal like that :smiley:

Is that enough? Any details I missed that ya’ll want to hear about? I fear being a 'Tank hog, so I quit putting up blow by blow.