Nicks - newslettter requests

I’ve had a lot of requests for Nick’s e-newsletter subscriptions but have not had time to get my list updated and this month’s issue is a print version anyway, so I thought I’d simplify matters by posting a link to the online copy here.

I think you guys will be interested in hearing about our “Pizza Around the World” wall anyway…


It looks really nice, and I love the tone of your newsletter. I’ve gotten away from doing a newsletter and have been sending out “specials” via email. Your newsletter is a reminder of what I should be doing!



It costs far less to market to your existing client base than attract new clients…This newsletter is an excellent method of keeping in touch…Good job…RCS…


Dare I ask – what is a gator pie?


The local elementary school (which opened after we did) selected the “Gator” as their mascot. So, in honor of them, we named our 7" flatbread based pizza after them. We built it primarily for two reasons: 1. for kids to have their own little pizzas, and 2. to fill the niche of the slice since we don’t do nearly enough slices to make it worth the effort. We DO however do a lot of gator pies. The kids do actually love them, and they’re a nice, cheap snack size.