Nick's Pizza is on PMQ RADIO!!

I just stumbled across the audio file of us doing an interview with PMQ. They talked to us about small town marketing and what we do with our shop. I don’t sound that way inside my head.

NIce job…is that you in the red t-shirt…wow…did I hear correctly…your town is about 2800

Nick, you should start dropping into the Pizza LIVE! Chats I’m hosting. We are getting some good ideas exchanged, and I’m sure more then one operator would like to continue to pick your brain as well.

I don’t sound that way inside my head.



Tell the other voices in your head to be quiet so you can hear! :wink:

Liked what you had to say…agree as usual!


that is one of the numbers I use :smiley: In-town is probably closer to 2400 these days, and about 3100 in the zip code. When I said mirco-market . . . I meant it.

Hey Nick

Nice to put a voice to the pictures. You don’t sound like a hilbilly at all :lol: :wink: And you didn’t mention moonshine or viddles once. :smiley:

Great interview. Kim had great input.



You’re a superstar! I can see the coast to coast lecture series coming around the bend.


That’s VITTLES, you foreign rube! Trying to keep any 'shine on the low down :slight_smile:

A long interview with lots of great insights especially your thoughts on promotions and deals. Some of the things you said got me thinking a bit (and that is hard for me to do, … think, that is). It is really critical in the current tight market that we get the best returns and going the cheap $ way is not the way, so I’m right with on your way of thinking.

Nice to hear lots of input from Kim. If it was my wife there would pregnat pauses bewteen her whinges of what I’m doing wrong, or how I should be doing it better :cry: , but I no complain. She keeps the good money rolling in from her job while I keep us in debt.


We havea a very fortunate love/hate relationship as partners. She really has taught me a WHOLE LOT about how to think of marketing and branding. Oh, we have our scrums here and there, but it truly is the collaberation that has gotten us and our mindset where we are.

Seems we do have a lot in common, Dave . . . except my sife doesn’t have another job with money rolling in :?

Nice job Nick !

It was pretty easy to tell who is the brains of the operation. :wink:

Like they say, behind every successful man, there is a good woman. Of course, since she’s behind you we can’t see her, but it was nice to be able to at least hear her.

That woman does have the brains, I’ll tell you. My brilliance is in listening to what she says and finding a way to make it work for my style. Talk about a free consultant right in the house!

[size=2]<<edited spelling of “brians” to “brains” to avoid more abuse about my typing :)>>[/size]

Wait a second, I thought your name was Nick! Who are these Brian guys? She has some explaining to do…

Great interview, Nick! You can see the article on page 51 of the April issue!

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine

Scott, Wanted to let you know that we’re bringing back the PMQ LIVE audio chats on Pizza Radio starting this Wednesday at 2:00 Central time. Our first guest will be Tom Lehmann. Drop into and you can ask questions through our host Jim Dees!

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine

That was FANTASTIC! You guys (hubby/wife team) roll, flow and communicate. Dedicated Dining, Loyalty, Word of Mouth, Community Involvement, Quality, Not like the rest, etc…totally have it going on. You remember people, you are humble yet very gratified and you never stop improving or remaining unique.

You both ROCK!