Night # 6 of our biggest week

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Day five:

We had 20 inches of snow since my post last night.

We started the day with a cook that called a half hour after he was supposed to start needing a ride due to the city bus being late.

The pass out of town closed, the airport closed, The computer stopped printing run tickets from 5 PM to 7 PM which is not too hard to deal with, but just added to the fun.

Another record. 8.5K

I am very tired.

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yeah, but the sales don’t come easy beleive me, and i will be in the pizza biz in a few months. grand opening set for March 01, yahoo…

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what i meaNT IS the sales are easy to hit in a resort town during the holidays. Every restaurant here are at capcity and them some, doesn’t matter who you are, you are slammed.

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jim what was your average weekly sales at villa? i am thinking about looking seriously into their franchise thanks for your help

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paul what is your average sales weekly and are you selling your business?

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My average sales went from $10,000 - $12,000 starting the week of kids going back to school after the holidays to $35,000 between Christmas and New Years. During the summertime, we averaged $18,000 - $22,000 per week. All of these are per week. Villa allows higher labor and food costs then Sbarros does.

All the sales depends on your locations too, my restaurant was in the biggest mall in Grand Rapids. Good luck on your decision, if you need any more insight into Villa Pizza, feel free to ask.

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Lilian, My business is not actively for sale, but the one being spoken of on this thread is. Now offers on my business are always welcome, but I won’t sell cheap. My store averages about 22K per week and is growing at a rate exceeding 11% annually over the last 5 years.

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Don’t doubt it just because it’s different than what you know…
There’s no hint that bodega-man isn’t telling us as it is.
I’m in a small, new store now - but in my early days, I ran a place that did $7k and MORE on decent days. And a lot of THAT business was with $2 and $3 transactions (slice and a soda).
If you have a steady stream of orders for hours at a time being served quickly, sales can be hit those numbers.

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Well New Year’s Eve was night six of the big week. I have to admit that the whole crew is getting tired. We did another 3K at the slice location and 4K at the delco so numbers were a little lower than day 5. We closed the delco at 8PM to give everyone a break. New Years day is good for us. We should slow down for a day or two after that, but then college week starts with lots of orders.

The good news was that the driver with the problems was able to come back to work today so that brings our crew back up to nearly full strength. The full-timer that wrecked his knee on the mountain two weeks ago has had surgery and will be back as a phone dude starting later this week.

At least it was not snowing today. Doing yesterday’s business in the bizzard was tough.

This week looks like 46-48K not including sales tax. That is a record for us by about 15%.

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Regarding selling the business: Yes it is for sale. The ski corp wants to buy the slice location (real estate and business) but not the delco as it is not in the ski base area. Right now it does not make sense to separate them but if I found a buyer for the delco that did not want the slice location they would take the other half.

I have another possible buyer for the whole thing (both businesses and both locations) but have heard nothing from them for the last few days as we are all working full time and then some so I don’t know where they are in the proceess.

Another buyer that wants the real estate is looking for an operator to run and eventually buy the businesses but he would be willing to buy both real estate and businesses in order to get the whole thing if he could find an operator to run the business.

I have owned and run these locations going on 9 years. I have the real estate in both. The numbers are quite transparent. My books will match the IRS and sales tax returns. Sales have been rising for years. Food cost is in line with what you would expect, Labor is pretty good by percentage, but hourly rates are higher than most of you are used to being in a competive labor market.

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What is the cost of a hotel room out that way during this time of the year? Any other housing options for short term? I was just thinking… in 2000, I spent 4 months working in Yellowstone National Park. I loved it. The money sucked and I eventually had to leave before I wanted to. I had to come back to my home to find another tenant for my house… but I wasn’t there for the money. I was there for the experience. Meeting new people. Hiking around in one of mother nature’s biggest playgrounds. Which of course meant drinking too much :lol: I could easily see you able to recruit some 2 or 3 week staffers for your rush at a much lower pay rate, if housing was provided. Even some seasoned guys that might take some time off from some of us think tankers. I realize all shops are different… but you’d have a head start in the training!

We worked 4 day work weeks and had 3 days off to play around which was nice. Have you thought about something like that? Maybe a housing unit a little bit farther out filled with bunk beds, and a shuttle bus to get people to the shops?


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Cost of a hotel room during the highest occupancy week of the year? the Super 8 gets about $100 a night. 4 day work weeks are for mud season. We make money while the money is there to be made; businesses and employees alike. Bank it and get through the slow season when it comes.

Night 7 is winding down. I checked the numbers before coming home. We did another record (For New Years Day, not all time). The crew ran the place without me tonight and it went well. We beat our all time record week by 7K. With sales tax we broke 50K.

This is the best crew I have had in 9 years. It always takes a trip through the holiday week to really know what we have for the year and I can say I am really pleased with the team we have this time around.

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Sorry about offending anyone, I am a “Micro Manager” and well… Anyway, great job and Happy New Year!


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Well, everybody is back to have a day or two off this week. Numbers are still going great. Over the weekend we had an all time best day at the slice location of $4600. Combined days are still pushing 6K. We just have to hold on through this weekend and then things will come back to normal mid-winter numbers.

If it would be this busy all the time I could hire several more staff and it would be a lot easier, but we do more like 3-4K a day throughout the winter. If I hired for the holidays I would be laying people off next week which I have never wanted to do. This is a small town after all and if you jerk employees around it will come back to bite you.

I just did the payroll for the last two weeks yesterday. Full timers got at least a dollar an hour bonus. Key holders got $6 per hour bonuses on straight time making the wage for the period $18 per hour all the way through. ($12 per hour wage, $6 per hour bonus, $18 OT rate)

In another thread I mentioned this one… brings back memories!

Those were the days!!