Night time delivery

I help my son running deliveries sometimes. Someone please tell me how the heck to see house numbers at night. Most people do not have lights on, numbers are all dark or so darn small. How do you guys do it?

I tell my drivers to look for an address as soon as they turn onto the street and then count the houses. It’s not fool proof, but works in most instances. We also put directions in the POS system for difficult addresses. In a pinch, I tell my drivers not to hesitate to call a customer if they cannot find the house.

flashlight, maglight, spotlight

My guys use flashlights as well if needed we have a lot of houses in our area that dont have lights and addresses are not in obvious places.

I have a municipal address map I got from city hall. If the driver is not exactly sure of where they are going they can count houses from the intersection. I encourage my contractors to know exactly where they are headed before they go out the door as it is my reputation they are dealing with.

Google maps is also pretty good at pinning addresses down to the building if you zoom in you can also count the buildings

Back in the day, i figured out what the usual Address step was (almost all cities use the same across the whole town). So once i turned on the street i just start counting up for 1 until i got to the right area then would pull over. In my city it was a step of 3 or 4 address per house (depending on old town vs newer areas).

In our area we have what is known as “Fire Numbers” They are retroreflective steel signs at each driveway that are clearly readable at night.
Many of them will have a letter or two in front of the numbers to help pinpoint their exact location.
For instance, if I see the address “RF1221 Avenue of the birches” I know that street is off the main road named “Red Feather” hence the RF in front of the number, and that is the road that must be taken to get in there.
Our major issue here is lakes, we’ll see 2 roads that have the same name , on different sides of a lake. If the delivery is to a fulltime resident, it is easy, if it is a rental, or visiting guests, they like to forget those important details like “West” in front of the street name. Or they’ll say “Buckhorn Drive” when it is actually “Buckhorn Road” those 2 roads can be miles apart.

You can get and hand held spot light that plugs into the lighter in the car, but you can also expect complaints if the drivers shine it around randomly looking for numbers late at night.

Do your drivers have signs on their cars? I have never had a complaint due to this. I would think people would not complain if they saw a clearly marked pizza car trying to find an address.


Funny story lit cartop signs are against the law in washington.

State law or just city/county ?

State law only the state patrol will enforce it local cops dont care we had lit cartops from about 1982 to 2000. Till some johny law was reading up and found out it was illeagl

I love how Taxi’s are exempt… so yeah that throws the whole excuse of … safety out the window.