Nightclub & Bar Show - Las Vegas

Has anyone been to this show? I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to attend.

  • a pizza pub operator

I think it’s held the same week as pizza expo so attend both.

It usually runs at the same time, but in 2018 they run one week apart.

Great show if you like Whisky and girls.

The show is really fun! My wife and I duel enrolled last year and also purchased the after party tickets and had a great time!! It was the second year we dual enrolled to both shows. It sucks that the Pizza Expo changed the dates! I thought that the shows complemented each other well.

Did you like it because it was fun? Or did you actually find it informative?

Currently, we do beer and wine only. I’d like to incorporate liquor, but don’t have much experience. Do you think this would be a good learning experience?

They had many types of Liquor to try and it was fun to see all the bar and night club equipment. Was it informative? A little, it gave me some ideas if I ever wanted to add liquor to my restaurant. Good learning experience? I’d say yes if it was going on at the same time as the pizza show. I wouldn’t fly to Vegas just for it.