NJ Boardwalk Pizza Mack's

I was wondering if any of the members on this forum have ever tried a boardwalk style of pizza like Mack’s pizza in Wildwood, NJ? There also is a Mack and Manco pizza in Ocean City, NJ. They both were started by the same family. Both Mack’s and Mack and Manco have different locations at the NJ shore. At least 3 locations in Wildwood, more in Ocean City, Somers Point, Stone Harbor, and I think more place at the Jersey Shore.


I don’t plan on making this style of pizza for my market stand, but would be interested in hearing if you can see some hints from this video on how the dough might be made. When I last tasted Mack’s pizza, the crust tasted almost like a Lehmann dough formula. Any ideas of hydration, mix time, amount of IDY, salt, oil and how much cold fermentation time they might be using.

I plan on trying to make this style of pizza for test purposes at my market stand, just to be able to recreate memories of Mack’s pizza, that I have eaten for years. I haven’t been to Mack’s for about 5 years, but do remember the taste of their pies from all the years I went there. I really enjoyed their pizzas. This is just a trip down memory lane.

From what I have found out so far is the cheese might be mild white cheddar or mild white cheddar with some mozzarella mixed in. I think it might be a high-gluten flour like All Trumps used in making the dough.

I am just curious on other members ideas. I play around with different formulas to see what kind of results can be achieved.

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Sorry its a little off topic but how doe places like this stay open. It doesn’t look like even basic food hygiene has a place in the operation.

That’s funny, because we’ve actually discussed this place’s hygiene before: http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6933&start=0

I knew I recognized that nasty, home-made sauce pump!

Norma, I’m no expert on east coast pizza, but doesn’t it look like a typical new york style crust?

Wizzle Wassell,

I did a search before I posted and saw that thread and posts. It made me laugh. I have experienced Mack’s pies many times and there are some unique things that make their pies stand apart from other NY style pies. I have tried many street pizzas in NYC and IMO, Mack’s is much different. It could be the type of cheese used or how they apply it first before the sauce, but I am not sure. The crust is similar to a NY Style crust, but not as foldable.

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This isn’t like the typical new york style crust and pizza in some ways. The taste of the pie is different I think, because of the toppings. Since there might be an all white mild cheddar or mixed with mozzarella, that gives this pie a different flavor profile. I know this place has been talked about before, but both Mack’s and Mack and Manco have been in business over 50 years. They have many locations. They must be doing something right.
Here is the History of how they started.


Did I see a Roto-Flex oven there?


You are right, they use a Roto-Flex oven. :smiley: If you look back though the link at my last post you can see the progression of the kinds of ovens they used from the beginning. Keep scrolling down on that link and you can go from page to page to see their progression. They did bake in deck ovens when they started. I remember them baking in deck ovens when I was younger. Their unique taste of their pizzas never changed since I was a child. I now am 63 years old, so the Mack and Manco families had a unique business for a long time. In my opinion it is the taste of the mild cheddar mozzarella they first put on the crust, followed by the sauce.
If anyone has ever been to Wildwood, NJ, they could see how busy this pizza place is. They always have been. I have talked to many friends and family that have eaten their pizzas. All say it is nothing like you can get anywhere. Many people travel four hours or more just to experience their pizza, yearly.

Maybe on that other thread where the picture of the pizza man was, it did look like the place wasn’t sanitary, but all the people I have talked to never became ill from all the pizzas ate there. The Mack family has always been customer friendly.

It also makes me wonder how many pizza businesses have been in operation for over 50 years with the same families?

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