NJ Pizza Expo

Thinking about going… Worth it? Thought there was some discussion but didn’t see any.
I’m in NH so not too far but not an hour away so… thoughts & experiences appreciated. Really looking for info and the ability to see/touch/talk… not really interested in all the other expo stuff.

Be nice to hear some feed back. I also would like to know if its worth it. Planning on going as of now.

I am, too… sorta. Really just don’t want to get there and say… “really… I drove for this?”

I went to a baking expo like that once…wasn’t far and it wasn’t for people in the industry. it was cheap to get in like 10 bucks (first sign). we walked around for a few and i was like “this is it?” im used to the NRA show in the city: 3 days, 3 huge expo halls, 150 bucks a ticket. this was just a hotel ballroom and a bunch of home baker suply booths, junk and trinket booths, and Duff Goldman talking complete nonsense.

UPDATE: so i just googled it and it looks legit…small, but I like the list of exhibitors. and its only 20 bucks… looks like they have some good budgeting education sessions too.