[b]Best Gluten Free Pizza In the World !!!
I had to write about this anyone with a Gluten intolerence or anyone you know that has one . Trust me It SUCKS, everything you have loved to eat just dissapears from your diet and most gluten free replicas/replacements taste like CRAP but not just crap expensive crap. So I haven’t had actual pizza in about 10 years and I remember it because my gluten free life came at 15.
so long story short I has PIzza today actual pizza that tastes like pizza , I freaking almost cried, it was marvelous. So tell anyone you know that lives in Upstate NY or that can order the frozen crusts to go here 315-733-nypd 6973
85 clinton road New Hartford NY, 13413

hole in the wall place with pizza and cupcakes that are gluten free , I went to pizza heaven today and it’s only 30 minutes away from me so I will be there again, plus the owner is real nice.

Seriously I have tried the gamut of gluten free products his are the absolute best pizza crusts and cupcakes ever!

Did you ask them what their recipe was?
This is something that should be shared.

Pretty sure he was just posting to sell his stuff, he has 4 posts, all pushing his gluten free crusts… He is not somebody seeking to be an active participant.