No Crust Pizza

any ideas on this

ways of doing it


I have used foil pans and made the first layer cheese that crisps to for the bottom of the pizza.

Depends on how you define “no crust,” Just ask some of my employees who cheese and sauce over the edge lol.

Back in the day John of Pit Stop Pasta was active here on the tt and marketed the “Pizza in a Bucket”. We have many conversations about it back then. I know he sold the shop and such. Anyway here is a link to an article that mentioned him:

[B][I]And in Escondido, Calif., John Pontrelli, owner of Pit Stop Pasta, offers what may be a traditionalist’s worst nightmare: “pizza in a bucket.” It has all the pizza toppings placed in a crock or, for takeout customers, a metal can.

While it’s not a big item, he said, some people have asked for it, and “Our motto here is: you want to say no to people as little as possible.”[/I][/B]

I just saw an episode of triple D where they did a crustless pizza at this place