No Crust Pizza?

I had a request the other day for a “no crust” pizza. I guess the idea is that you build the pie on something like parchment… sauce, toppings, cheese etc rather than on dough.

Is this a thing? Do any of you do it? How do you do it? Do you sell many?

I guess I can see the appeal for someone trying to cut carbs… but otherwise, why? Seems like a hot salad with cheese.

This has been discussed here a bit. I don’t serve one but some other members do.

Thanks for reminding me of that thread Paul. The part of that discussion that stuck with me was the part about guaranteeing your competitor’s product which I loved.

sausage crust. Never had anyone ask for it. Tried doing it once. Actually on quite a few menus in some pizza places i have seen in west suburbs of Chicago. I tried it in pan. Slightly oiled the pan. Flattened out raw sausage on bottom of pan thin, sauced it and went light cheese and pepperoni. Came out better than I thought. Super greasy though. If I had to do it again I would go super light with the oil and probably cook the sausage in the pan for a few minutes first and then pull it out of the oven and sauce and put any other topping on. Better than I thought. I guess if your looking for no bread, this is one way to do it.

Probably could just omit the oil, since sausage (especially raw) is mostly fat anyway.