No Gloves n Toss

What is everyone’s Opinion ???on a Pizza ●Video ●I made fancy Tossing a Pizza up in the air without Gloves…My Sister Told Me to take it Down from my Instagram n Social Media…I can toss w Gloves but its Awkward…w Pandemic protocols n what have you…

Probably a state thing but where we are, only ready to eat food needs to be handled with gloves. Oven kills everything, but I could definitely understand the want to take it down. People are too quick to judge without knowing facts


I did a Facebook live and we showed how our dough was made. We received a few comments about the manager not using gloves. I do these for the guests because they enjoy them and I get good engagemt. So we are dealing with perceptions here. and I guess if they see us not wearing gloves in the video, they may preceive we never where gloves.
My kitchen is open and they can see we are not wearing gloves with any item that goes in the oven and that we always wear gloves for food that doesn’t go in the oven. The cut guy always wears gloves. Again I think it is a perseption thing and why give them a reason to complain.