no oils, no sugars added ?

anyone else make their dough and sauce without oils or sugars ?


Otis if you have built a customer base why change it .
do you think that your product taste bland and dry!?

customers like the difference in my pizzas and I have not used oils or sugars in my formulas all year
…mostly want to compare with other pizza makers who also do not use oils and sugars…most in USA do…

from what my customers say, I think the pallete can taste the difference between the natural sugars developed in flour and tomatoes from the processed sugars…keeps it simple too
takes a little more maintainence, I feel is worth it from the pizzas I have had from other “artisan” pizza makers as compared to dough with sugar…like PJ, they must add lots of sugar to their dough, taste like a candy

have to bake the pizzas a little longer w/o the oils and sugars, 9.5 minutes at 425 in a Q-matic oven to develop the flavors
I do not think they would be a good in an air impingement oven