No paper menus?

Does anyone operate without paper menus now a days? I really kind of want to get away from them totally because its such a pain to update prices when you have a bunch of them laying around and they just seem so redundant when you can just get full menus from company websites.

I don’t keep menus anymore. A few people ask but no issues have arises. Been about 3 months now.

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stopped printing in December and got these instead…update certain items on a monthly basis it seems with price increases


That is a very nice menu board!

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I print my own dine in and carry out menus. I like it because I can change anything at anytime including pricing. We are working on our 4th menu increase since October as I write this.

thanks…that is actually the first draft that Stream did for me. I have to re-work the design but its good for now. I have been emailing them price changes and they put them in right away until we finalize the design

We are doing the same

How are you guys printing your own menus? Just using a laser printer?

I’m not printing my own, just working on my 4th menu raise since October.

went to look at your current prices and saw that you have French fry pizzas and that’s super interesting to me. Do those sell well for you? They sound good.

Top 4 in our specialties

I print menus but don’t put any prices on them at all. Instead of I have a QR code to my website with my latest menu/pricing.

Even my coupons don’t have prices but are things like bogos or free cannoli/garlic knots/etc. with a purchase of $XX. I also have electronic menu boards and change the prices myself easily.

I stopped printing my own, due to menu changes constantly and of course everything thays been going, i just rely only on my boards, qr to website & online ordering direct to my pos, i also switched my website to a new platform which awesome 500 times better than what i was using

No boards for me. I made a nice color menu using Canva and I print laminated versions (at FedEx Office) of it for use at my service counters. I printed 20 (non-laminated) copies to keep behind the counter if someone wants a menu to go. I reprint them as needed. I haven’t printed new ones in over a month. Sales have held steady, so no decline as a result.

I love the menu boards, they lead me to a question, since I’m thinking of super simplifying my menu: what percentage of your sales is pizza vs the rest?

60% and we are slowly cutting the non-pizza items as time goes on

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