No Show Customer

Last night we had a guy come into the shop and order 10 Family size pizzas (8 of them Gourmet pizzas) at a cost of $263.50
He paid by credit card using PIN transcation.
He asked if he could pick them up in an hour.
He never returned to pick them up by or closing time of 9pm, or by the time left the shop at 9.30pm.
As it was an over the counter order no phone number was taken by the staff so we had no way of contacting him.
Will be interesting to see if it was a scam/prank with a stolen card, even though the transaction went through as “approved”.
If it was a scam/prank and the transaction was approved it will be interesting to see what happens payment wise. As far as I know once it is “approved” online it is not our responsibility but knowing banks they will find a way to recover the money.
Interesting days coming up.

smells fishy.

Checked with my bank and it looks as there was an over the counter transaction using a PIN then the onus is on the bank not the merchant. Different story if it was a signed or over the phone transaction, then the onus is on the merchant.
The person at the bank spoke with their fraud section and they verified the above.
Apparantley the guy came in at 6pm and asked for them to be ready at 7pm but never came back. He was around the mid 50 age bracket so there may be some serious concerns about him not returning.

I hope it works out for you. There is way to much to worry about these days without having to deal with CC Fraud.

We had our first no show (in over a year of business) the other day. It was a call in order and he was going to pay when he came in. After waiting an hour after we closed, we gave up and locked up and tossed the pizza in the trash (it was something no one here wanted to eat).

The next day he came in and wanted another pizza, but we told him he had to pay 50% of the cost for the first one before we would sell him another. Turns out he was happy to only pay the 50%, so everything worked out.

That has been the only incident, and actually I am surprised we have not had more, but I guess being the only pizza place in the entire county, people don’t want to burn any bridges :slight_smile:

Just 5 minutes ago the guy came in. He went away and totally forgot about picking them up ???/
He asked what we did with the pizzas and was surprised when we said they went into the trash. He thought we would have kept them in the fridge for 2 or 3 days :slight_smile:
He thought we would have phoned him but I explained he never gave us a phone mumber because it was an over the counter pick up order.
Anyway the final result was that we are making him half the order (1 of each of the 5 variants ordered) to be picked up late on Saturady night. We are not charging him for the 5 remakes. He was more than happy with the offer, after hoping we would only do 3 for him.
A good result all round with bith sides happy witht he outcome.

Hey Dave, I know not the norm but I would type out a special receipt for this one stating that he did not return to pick up original order and this remake is a one-time courtesy offer of good will on your part. He was a walkin customer and without contact info it is not your fault that he did not return. It was a swipped transaction and he signed. Not fraud just his forgetfulness. Get his full name and info and attach a copy of original signed receipt and file it away. I would hate to see him fight the charge and then you are out 15 pies total. If he wont sign…something is further off and I would not remake anything but still document as much as possible. :idea:

How about training the order takers to ask for names and addresses “so we can send you coupons”.
This way you will have a phone no. and name for all customers.

Maybe I am not normal, but I hate when I walk into a place and they want my name, address, phone number, email and a DNA sample in order to buy something. I pretty much quit going to radio shack because you can’t buy a .50 cent resistor with cash without providing you name address and phone #.

Rick I have to agree with you on that. One reason we don’t take all the details is due to customer reluctance or backlash. Where we can get it fine but if someone is reluctant then it’s a no go area.
Also we are not a coupon driven business,and do not do mail outs due to very high postage costs here and the ineffectiveness of them. Same with letterbox drops. So the necessity to get all details all the time is not warranted. Different countries, different responses and effectiveness.
Anyway all is fine with this episode now.

I agree…hate that when they want all that personal information just to make a cash purchase. It’s bad enough the FBI wants to (or is already?) tracking all of our credit card purchases.

Just to carry on the name & info sidetrack…I also hate the info request when not needed nor asked for…just implied. I also do not want to save 5% by opening another line of credit at your store. I went to Ace Hardware this week because I needed (2) two 1/4 twenty 1 1/2" screws with 2 flat and 1 locking washer each. $2.83 with tax…dang a lot but I needed stainless for my grill. Then the sales girl asked my zip code. Then if I had an Ace rewards card? Then if I wanted one? Then handed me a postcard to fill out all my info on. I then said…sorry but I have lived 3 miles from your store for 7 years now and been here 3 times. I really am not interested in more spam mail, emails, etc… i know your are trained to ask all this…but respect it when a customer says NO! I understand that businesses need customer info for marketing…etc… but come on.

From a customer stand point… I think a touchscreeen setup next to your checkout counter that asks the customer for all there info and all your people have to do is say “hey, while you are waiting… if you like…please fill out your info into our database for coupons and special offers we send out once in a while” and stop there! A one page info page with touch screen keyboard. You get the ones that want to and skip those that dont. Now, entice them to fill it out. Have a nice appealing sign above it that says every 100th entry gets their order for free! Can this be attached to a rewards program that keeps track of sales with their phone number as their account number. 20 pizzas = free side. 50 = free pizza. 100 = Dinner for 4 with apps and drinks. Make them want to come back but also sign up! :idea:

That was hilarious…exactly how it is nowadays mike.

I think Dave handled it right…I think you just put it with your regular paperwork with a note of the events…and move on.

It was a fluke. I think you handled it well. Not real sure about forgetting the order but man some days I can’t find the sunglasses on my head. LOL.

Curious if he came and got them and if you got his number to confirm the replacements. LMAO!!! :mrgreen:

Funny thing is that as agreed we made one of each of the original order (he ordered 2 of each) for no charge for him to pick up at 10pm Sat. At 9.40pm I phoned him to make sure he was coming in at 10pm. He said he was just around the corner and could come straight in if the were ready for cooking, which they were.
We closed at 10.15pm and still no show. At 10.30 I was just about to call him when he finally turned up.
He is areally nice guy (and finacially loaded) but gee he has no perception of time.
Just another customer experience we can look back on and smile about especially with a favourable result all round.

Geez with that memory track record I would have given him a 2nd bill and reminded him of your agreement to pay for all 10 pizzas again but we are only remaking 5 of them! :mrgreen: