No Walk-In

Anyone running a store without a walk-in cooler? If so how do you do it? The new store has a 60" makeline cooler and a 2 door stand-up. I can fit in another single door, maybe a 2 if needed. My main store has a walk-in and if we have to I was thinking maybe we would have some items delivered to that store and put into containers that we can bring over through the week, especially cheese because it will take up alot of room.

We have a few clients without a walk in.
Its not a great system but it can work.
I would think you would need a freezer also.
George Mills

I do not have a walk-in. ADA code wouldn’t allow it in my space. I have two 2-door fridges. I don’t use a freezer or microwave for that matter so I had the space. I have produce and cheeses in one and meats/misc in the other. Looking at doing two deliveries a week from our distributor soon as we’re packed to the gills as it is on delivery days and growing weekly!

Joe: Why couldn’t you put in a walk in? I am opening a shop soon which is small - 1,200 sqft total- and maybe I should check with the city building dept before putting one in? Thanks. Walter

My kitchen is a long narrow 300 sq ft. ADA code in SF requires a wheelchair to be able to turn 180 degrees inside the walk-in. This could not be done!

How close together are your two stores? We ran a second location for 10 years without a walk-in. It worked just fine but that store was just 2 miles away from our other location that had a large walk-in and we were able to run stuff over there every day easily. It meant that all the main prep items were done at the larger location which, in the end, was also more efficient.

Joe: Thanks for that clarification. Having lived 16 years in Sonoma County I know how crazy the rules can get… Walter

We’ve been open about 6 months. We don’t have a walk in.

As far as refrigerators go, we have:

  • 6FT sandwich prep table with storage underneath
  • 8 FT Pizza prep table with storage underneath
  • 6 or 7 FT 3 door refrigerator.
  • 5 FT 2 door refrigerator
  • 5 FT 2 Door freezer
  • 5 FT Chest freezer / Dough table

It does make things a bit more challenging, but I’ve been happy with the amount of volume we’ve been able to do with this system. We could still do 2x as much business with the current setup.