Noise reduction techniques

We recently had a new ceiling grid and ceiling tiles installed and since have had a significantly more difficult time hearing the customers on the telephone. I guess the new vinyl coated drywall ceiling tiles are causing the noise to bounce around the store where the old ceiling tiles must have absorbed some of the noise. Is there any tricks that any of you use to utilize to dampen the noise in your stores?

I would talk to the company that installed your new ceiling about sound absorbing panels. They are not cheap but you could probably install just a handful around the area where you take orders and be amazed at how they reduce reflective sound. Also if you can hang any type of fabric on the walls near the area. I know how unrealistic that sounds… but what I mean is even a framed Italian flag (ie: anything pizza theme) with a thick fabric backer would work and look as if it was meant to fit in. I know it’s hard to have easy to clean and quiet at the same time. Good luck.

At one time we did consider partially enclosing the phone area in a booth like area. Our phones are on a L shape counter up against the side wall of the shop and dividing wall between front of shop and the kitchen. None the less it still gets noisy with our MMPS360 huffing and puffing, plus the sound bounceback is bad. The idea of the “booth” was to have the two current walls plus a small narrow side wall and top all lined with cork squares to absorb the noise - the walls to disburse noise.
Never did go ahead with it but at times we wish we did especially when we are busy and the shop is full of people.


Years ago in a former career I took some training in public address systems and sound engineering. The thing that we had to do in some situations, where the noise was took great, was to hang noise baffles from the ceiling. something like in this picture. The theory was the baffles break up the sound waves and deaden the acoustics of the room.

So, some 1x3 rectangles suspended from the ceiling, decorated with brand-appropriate images/colors, could be a solution. You can augment the decor and deaden sound at the same time. Scatter about the room . . . and maybe even fabric covering on one side?

Maybe even a few used office wall partitions behind the phone bank

Just hand a new sign for all customers… “NO TALKING…EAT MORE PIZZA!” :mrgreen:

not sure what kinda phones you are using, but an Avaya (or similar) phone system should help…I actually purchased an amplified volume control handset for our nosiest-area phone which really helps


It seems to be there was a discussion a while back about ceiling finishes and the health inspector…Do you need to check out if any health board rules apply?..