Non Owned Auto - Common Ownership

We have restaurants that are carryout/delivery only. I own one totally and own 50% of the other one. I have been paying for non owned auto on each one separately. My insurance agent just informed me that I can combine the two non owned auto policies into one and save $3500 a year because I am a common owner. I am concerned if something happens at one if they will come after both. Each restaurant is a separate corporation and does everything independently. The only thing we have in common is our website. Anybody in this scenario and can make a recommendation on whether to combine them or keep them separate.

Sounds like a good question for your attorney. That is why you have them… to ask things like this. Your agent has said you CAN, now find out from an authoritative source (as opposed to all of us) whether you SHOULD.

Next question: To which business do you assign the savings?