Non owned auto insurance, who you using?

Trying to see if I can get a better price but there doesn’t seem to be many companies that offer this insurance. Who are you using and how much are you paying?

Not happy with our situation. 3 stores, $8,000/ year. Crazy. Delivery is not even half our sales. Would love to get another quote here in Washington

We were quoted $6k for two stores so your rate seems better than mine. I cant even hardly find companies that offer the service.

I pay 25K for 4 stores

real pain in my ass every year…We cannot find anyone in my state so my agent goes to the Unassigned Risk Pool. I have found they charge approx $1K per driver

We’ve been with State Farm since 2017. 2 stores, everyone is approved for no owned coverage. $3,800/yr.

I use aka The Upton Group.

only thing I can find in my state is coverage through the non-assigned risk pool…

I currently use farm bureau insurance. Cost me $300 a month for 2 of my own cars and non owned auto.