Norpole Freezer

anyone have experience with them? I"m in the market for an other reach in freezer. i have a chance to get a 5 year old norpole at a decent price but I’ve never heard of the company. Anyone have anything to say about them?

Hi Tguag:
New one that I have never encountered.
I do note a two year warranty. True and many others have a three year.

George Miills

I bought one of these a few weeks ago, so far, so good. My only complaints so far have been I don’t like the handles when you are in a hurry, and although it is 4 cu. ft. larger than my old one which failed, it seems to hold less product.
As far as longevity and durability, only time will tell.

thanks for the feed back! if i cant find anything soon ill pop on this one.