North American Bancard anybody familier

had this place calling me quoting .35% swiped or keyed and 10cents a transaction sounds to good to be true right
and they will send me the machine for free

thanks dennis

I have dealt with them. They have great rates but I never saw 0.35%. I was paying 1.2% plus 8 cents per swipe and higher rate on the rewards cards. 3 tier pricing. I switched to get gift card processing for free and compatiblity with my POS to Mercury Payment Systems but I still think NAB is great.

I worked for NAB for 2 years before my conscience forced me to quit. This is the ultimate Smoke and Mirrors company. They will tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line, but in the fine print their contract states that they have the right to change your rates at any time, and typically on the 3rd month of a 36 month agreement, they will raise you significantly. Also the .35% they are quoting you is on top of the actual cost (interchange, they usually forget to tell you this part), so for example a traditional non rewards MasterCard has a cost of 1.65%, you will pay an additional .35% which puts you at 2.00% for a regular credit card transaction. Just remember, nothing in life is “free”. Here is a you tube video posted from one of their former merchants - There are a lot of good reputable companies out there, unfortunately this is not one of them. If you want the best deal possible, check out Sam’s club. Their link is -

Thanks easter sunday appreciate this