Not much going on here?

Not much being posted here lately… is everyone too busy? or is biz slow and we’re bummed?


Good question and I was curious myself. I think the biggest for me is that we are moderately busy business wise but super busy trying to fill in all the roles right now. Still could hire a few more TBH.

But I think the biggest for me to COMPLETELY honest is this business is no fun anymore. Rising food costs, Rising labor costs, Rising cost of EVERYTHING plus this new generation of entitled customers has beat me down. Seriously…I feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds against Mike Tyson.

We are 20 years in so not going anywhere but this whole industry needs to catch a break


I will have to agree with you, been in the industry for 40+ yrs and the last 2-3 yrs is just insane,
RECAP…meaning business is great, just trying to keep and maintain employees who want to work, most employees now a days are feeling a sense of entitlement, meaning they think they call in when ever and not come in, so as a business owner you have to step up and work more. So therefore the business owner has absolutely no time for anything


In for 18 years myself, and I couldn’t agree more.


I’m slow and bummed haha. But it’s usually slow for us this time of year.

People HAVE become super entitled and rude… it does make it hard to enjoy the service industry

I think people are just starting to feel the prices of the overall economy catching up with them. As it is, we haven’t taken our prices up after significant increases in May 2022. With labor trending up, we may have no choice but to continue increases

Yes, we are down from last year. Since the start of Covid. I have remodeled, thinking if you build it they will come. In 2022 I spent $50,000 in marketing to see a 11% increase over 2021. I 2023 I saw a paltry 5% increase. I am down $5,000 this Jan. From last year. Some of others restaurant friends have similar stories.
What is interesting is my ticket count has stayed about the same but, my ticket averages have dropped as much as $6.00 depending on the month.

No more stimulus checks.

…and credit cards are maxed out