not really POS

but related, so I’ll keep it in this general forum
have you looked at using this, or anything similar?

The company is GIVING the Square device away, or they can be bought at WM for $10. 2.75% is a bit steep, but it’s not outrageous in these times, and considering the ease of the device use.

What do you think? (I have no relationship with this company, the device, nor the developer of the device. I just saw one at WM, and forgot to say anything until I saw this article.)


Square is VERY good for what it’s intended to do. I’ve used it and it’s amazing. The iPad version has very basic POS functions and could be used to sell at festivals and similar events. The iPad version even works with a receipt printer. You could use Square with a smart phone to swipe a credit card and get a signature at your customer’s door.

Now if we can get P.O.S. to work with Square…lol…

Square is an excellent tool for processing, but if you want anything advanced as far as an ordering interface, you will need to create that yourself.
This only works with IPhone and Android devices anyway, so in my opinion it is not that great for the day to day of an average pizza place. It is perfect for offsite sales at events or the like, and if you have the resources to develop a good interface and are running a cool/modern/etc. pizza restaurant and it works with the decor and feel.